Maillot “Por la cabeza muere el ciclista”

JMKL Handmade

August 23, 2014

SerigrafĂ­a frontal y trasera sobre maillot Mavic.

Front and rear silkscreen on maillot Mavic.
This is the first maillot of a series of thoughts drawn from the experience of cycling sacrifice “By the head cyclist dies.”

In long distance races, in which you take more than 5 hours pedaling, there comes a time that your legs go on their own. You’re tired, but inertia and rhythm makes your body follow. But really who gives the energy needed is your brain.

Your head is who encourages you or ruins you, who helps you climb to the next corner or the next tree and overcome these stages, often agonizing, who do not give up because you have meant months of slaughtered training.

But at this key moment when your head thinks “What the hell am I doing here?” Knowing that at home, sitting on the couch watching football, it would be much more calm and relaxed.